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Mike Cioppa from Albany NY ran a scam on various websites called IM Guerillas. He has been featured on in the past. In September 2013 after fleecing his customers he disappeared leaving them high & dry. (You can Google Magic Mike IM Guerillas and you'll find multiple accounts of people who have been ripped off.) NOW, he's back with his latest rendition He has lost the SEO hat seen on many YouTube videos and is now wearing glasses to alter his appearance.

I suggest anyone considering doing business with him do your due diligence first!

Review about: Internet Marketing Claims.


Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany #846814

He is now running a website under the alias

Very evident by the photo with his head turned sideways that he does not want people to identify him. Michael Cioppa from Colonie NY aka Dr. Mike, Magic Mike, Mike Brandino is now Michael Cardinelli.



Since the first posting exposing his new look, Mike Cioppa, aka Dr. Mike and Magic Mike has done a series of videos posted on with graphics - minus his facial/visual - trying to lure contractors by telling them an internet presence is exactly what they need and he's the guy to get them ranked first for only $97.00 for 3 months. gOddly, however, when you search google for his new venture,, ranks right under his - WITHOUT HIS ASSISTANCE. Kudos!

*He also uploads this cheesy voice over work to


I just saw on another website that in addition he is operating as and

Buyer beware


Thank you for this info.Michael Cioppa, aka Dr.

Mike, scammed me out of money when he claimed to be president of the "Employee Success University" - that never existed.

This slime ball is a creepy looking *** that can't earn a living in the real world and preys on those of us looking to better ourselves.Beware!

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